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Uniaxial and Biaxial Geogrids production line sold to Russia
click:1489    TIME:2014-08-11

Not long ago, two sets of Uniaxial and Biaxial Geogrids inspected successfully in Qingdao Shunde Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd and shipped smoothly from Qingdao port to Russian petrochemical company, marking the company's international marketing has taken a solid step forward. 
In recent years, as an innovative private enterprises, under the guidance of the Chairman Zhao Gui Xu, Qingdao Shunde Plastic Machinery company has always adhere to the excellent performance, reliable quality and perfect after-sales service to win the market, showing a healthy and efficient business development trend . The company through technological improvements and technological innovation, self-developed stretching geogrid production line has reached world-class levels of performance. The device is through the use of plate punching technology that enables a single two-way plastic stretching geogrid tensile products, respectively 260kn and 40kn, 
Many advantages, can be widely used in highways, municipal roads, railways, aircraft and runway embankment strengthening dam rivers and the sea shore of the reinforcement to enhance engineering and orchards, vegetable, livestock, land, and many other areas of the tube profile for geotechnical materials and plastic products manufacturer in new projects and opportunities. 
Russian petrochemical company clients during the inspection tour in China, Qingdao Shunde Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. said that broad space for development generated strong interest, not only ordered two sets of disposable plastic stretching geogrid production line, but the two sides also plan to Plastic Machinery and plastic products more closely the field of technical exchanges and cooperation.