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Fire Resistance Glass
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Fire Resistance Glass

Monolithic fireproof glass is a kind of "deep tempered" glass made of ordinary sodium calcium silicon float glass as raw material. The surface compressive stress is much higher than that of ordinary glass, generally above 150MPa, and the surface compressive stress of the same thickness of the ordinary tempered glass is between 90-110MPa.     

Monolithic fire-resistant glass only has the integrity of fire resistance, no heat insulation and no thermal radiation, belong to class C fire resistant glass.

Special glass, which meets the requirements of fire resistance grade, to maintain its fire resistance integrity in specified fire tests. Fire integrity refers to the standard fire-resistant test conditions, the fire side of the glass by fire, in a certain period of time to prevent the flame penetration or the ability of preventing the flame in the back surface.


Advantages of monolithic fire-resistant glass:

Fire resistance: monolithic fire-resistant glass according to the fire resistance belongs to class C fire resistant glass, meet the fire integrity requirements.

Safety: broken split into small particles obtuse not easy to hurt.

Strength: the strength of monolithic fireproof glass is higher than that of tempered glass. 

Thermal stability: monolithic fire-resistant glass has a higher ability to withstand temperature difference than tempered glass.

Machinability: it can also be made of composite processed glass products by means of different processing methods, such as coating, hollow and interlayer.

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